{DIY} Polaroid Cake Toppers!

The formal figurine set one might expect to find atop a wedding cake may in fact be a tradition of the past as creative brides and grooms find new ways to represent their love. On your big day the sky is the limit when it comes to a wedding cake topper. Zombies, superheros, Lego's, and even balloons have found themselves hanging out on top of these fondant masterpieces. 

One of the latest trends is to actually take away the plastic representations of you and your honey and feature Polaroid images in place of them.The Polaroid wedding cake topper is a simple yet beautiful solution when you're working on a tight budget. In this DIY feature we will show you how to recreate this look.

What you're going to need: 
- 1 or 2 photos of you and your partner together/or individually
- Matte photo paper
- Box cutter/Scissors/Paper cutter
- T-square/Flat surface
- Toothpicks/Ice pop sticks 
- Polaroid (Poladroid) application is an optional resource

                 {This allows you to crop and color tint your photos for an authentic Polaroid look!}
- Glue gun and cylinders

Step One: [Optional
Download Polaroid imitating application.

Step Two: 
Print out your photo twice on matte photo paper.
{Special Note - If you are unable to download the Poladroid application - keep in mind the typical dimensions for a classic Polaroid image is 3 x 3 1/8 in. Meanwhile, the frame itself may range from 3
1/2 x 4 1/4 to 4 x 5 in. This formatting can be done in any photo editing software, Otherwise you may simply cut out the photo and frame separately and continue to follow assembly instructions below.}

Step Three: 
By using a T-Square/flat surface and box cutter/paper cutter/scissors cut out the Polaroids. There are three ways to go about assembling your Polaroid, entirely a matter of personal preference. You may either cut out the center of one of your copies or place them back-to-back so it appears double sided or take a blank sheet of matte paper and align it with your image on the back. Be sure to measure each to match its corresponding image exactly, you wouldn't want any overhanging edges. 

{To avoid any movement or bending of your Polaroids, the use of self adhesive foam core is a good stabilizing option to consider. Foam core would be placed between the 2 sides of your image.} 

Step Four: 
Glue your toothpicks/ice pop sticks onto the back side of your Polaroid like image - leave some length hanging out from the bottom so the image can be placed securely at the top of the cake. Glue the Polaroid you want to face your guests on top. Seal all sides, trim excess so borders are even. 
{For a unified look, remove the sticks from a previous cake topper to use as your photo supports.}
Step Five: 
If you would like to, you may add your name and wedding date to the Polaroid as a personal touch.

Step Six: 
Finally, you may stick your Polaroid(s) into the top of your cake. 

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